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AcouSort develops, produces and sells products based on acoustofludics, an innovative technology that uses sound waves for sample preparation of biological samples for research and clinical diagnostics. Applications include separation of blood into its components, enrichment of specific cells and purification of extracellular vesicles, bacteria or viruses – processes that need to be performed before almost any measurement or analysis can be made on clinical samples. Traditional sample preparation requires many manual handling steps, but with AcouSort’s technology it can be automated and integrated into almost any analytical instrument. This reduces human error and saves time and money.

AcouSort’s benchtop systems AcouWash and AcouTrap are targeting separation, washing, enrichment and staining applications within cell, bacteria and extracellular vesicle research. Through research collaborations with life-science companies, AcouSort develops customized solutions for integrated sample preparation for a wide variety of applications. In the pipeline are also off-the-shelf components for blood-plasma separation, such as the AcouPlasma, enabling Point of Care Testing (POCT) system providers with inline access to plasma-based assays directly from whole blood.

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